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Mike takes us on a little tour of the machine shop!

engine work

Engine Work

Overhauls and complete engine replacement

Complete Vehicle Rebuilds

Rebuild and customize your vehicle

Any Vehicle Type

Antique, vintage, and newer vehicle customization and rebuilds

Engine Machine Shop

Spray washer for cleaning engine parts

Head work
Magnaflux heads & blocks

Rottler Head shop
install guides seats

CBN resurfacer
Surface heads and blocks
Kwick Way Air table Boring station
Bore cylinders in blocks

F79A Rottler
Engine Machine Work
Lifter bore truing
A line bore
Engine balance
Machine for cam bushings
Engine Dynoing
Cylinder head fire ring
Power honing
Torque plate honing

Rottler power hone
finish sizing bores

Turner balancer
Balance crank
Anything that needs balancing

Land & Sea Pro 2000 Engine dyno
Dyno engines

WE also have a 3 access milling machine
and a CNC leath for special projects

Restro mod Shop

We work on street rod projects
And also work on Truck and Tractor pulling projects